Experience our unique approach to holistic body rejuvenation through our Bzazilian vacuum therapy treatment. We employ a specialized vacuum tool that gently targets the body’s lymphatic flow, ensuring a harmonious direction for optimal drainage. This suction-based technique, reminiscent of ancient cupping practices, delicately releases tension from the superficial fascia while promoting heightened lymph and superficial circulation.

By unlocking the superficial fascia, our therapy facilitates enhanced lymphatic circulation, crucial as a significant portion of the lymphatic system resides beneath the skin and within the superficial fascia. Beyond this, vacuum therapy offers a plethora of benefits, including the stimulation of collagen production and a reduction in cellulite appearance, though not its complete elimination. Moreover, it amplifies skin circulation, fostering the delivery of vital nutrients to the dermis, thus elevating overall skin health.

Curious about discomfort? While sensitivity varies, we tailor our approach by commencing with the gentlest suction setting, ensuring your comfort throughout. The level of suction utilized is dictated by your sensitivity and the area under treatment.

Concerned about skin marks? While typically transient, vacuum therapy may induce temporary redness akin to cupping marks, reflecting the heightened circulation. For those prone to bruising, such marks may manifest but will fade over time.

Brazilian Vacuum Therapy at Excelsior Integrative in Toronto
Vacuum therapy machine and cups

Safety is paramount. Hence, vacuum therapy is unsuitable for individuals with certain conditions, mirroring contraindications associated with Brazilian Lymphatic Massage. These encompass active cancers, congestive heart failure, renal failure, and others listed below, alongside specific dermatological concerns and circulatory issues.

Anticipating immediate results? Following treatment, you’ll notice a palpable reduction in skin congestion. However, sustained improvements in skin elasticity and cellulite necessitate regular sessions spaced approximately four weeks apart. This cadence aligns with collagen synthesis timelines, ensuring the maturation of newly stimulated collagen fibers for enduring benefits.

Our comprehensive  Brazilian vacuum therapy sessions, conducted by Registered Massage Therapists, enable insurance reimbursement, underscoring our commitment to accessible holistic care.

Please be advised: A separate consent form is required for booking this transformative treatment.