A Functional Range Assessment is a 45 minute comprehensive analysis of your joints biomechanics, and tissue health, ideal and prescribed for anyone with any persistent or recurring joint or muscle pain, coupled with a 45 minute treatment, designed to start correcting your pain right at it’s origin, and address the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems, which may cause pain, at their root.

During this process, measurements of your passive and active ranges are taken, and tissue restrictions are investigated. Why do we have to look at how much functional range you have, and are able to to produce on your own, you ask? Because how well your body is moving whilst it is being assisted vs while it is moving on its own tells us everything we need to know about what is causing your pain, and it also dictates how to alleviate it.

Functional Range is something that will generally take time to achieve, but once your muscles and joints move well, the need that your body previously had to compensate during specific movements ceases.

Functional measurements are noted and progress is recorded at each session.

Individual protocols and exercise to create lasting results are prescribed.