My mother used to say ” the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions”. Obviously, she meant it in a different context as the one I wish to direct it to, but I believe that the point she was trying to make, much like myself right now, is that often times, we mean well and engage in activities, behaviours or  rituals that we think are good for us, but end up making things worse!

I see a lot of this in the health and fitness industry!  Every year, there is a ‘new magical diet’, a new pill or a new exercise plan, that is always of course, better than the last one!  Granted, it’s kind of difficult to ignore all of these fads, with all of the beautiful people filling our Instagram feed with ‘flashing abs. I agree, however having been involved in the fitness industry for the last 21 years, and having competed in physique sports for 12 of those years, I can tell you from experience that NO program or supplement you will ever take, will exceed the results you will obtain from good old fashioned ‘work and consistency’. The truth is, often time, the most drastic approaches will backfire on you. The body cannot be forced or beaten into submission. You need to work with your genetic makeup, and ‘gently nudge’ your metabolism for things to  work for you and for long standing progress to be made in a healthy way!

So in short,  there is no ultimate fat loss plan.  I would  recommend  staying clear or IIFYM, Zone, Atkins, Intermittent Fasting, fasted cardio, no carb diet (because of course, carbs are the absolute devil), and instead adopting  a sustainable and reasonable balanced plan for your goals, created by a reputable and knowledgeable personal trainer.  Just pick a program or a trainer  or a program tho, and stick with it..for at  least 6 weeks, before you decide that it isn’t working. My guess is, your body just needs time to adjust to the changes before it starts working… ;)

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